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I have extended the space of my SAN vDisk from 1TB to 1.2TB, but Windows Explorer doesn't show the new size.

After resize the vdisk in the SAN Manager, the Disk Management utility shows the 200GB unallocated space, then I resized the partition to use the unallocated space to get a 1.2TB partition, the process was succesfully, but in the Windows File Explorer the disk still have 1TB of total space.

Win version: Windows Storage Server Enterprise 2007.

Do I need to restart the server? How can I use the new extra space without rebooting?

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If you're using dynamic disks, you should see it in explorer immediately. If you aren't, you might need to unmount and remount the LUN. Also, back in the day, SAN vendors used to ship host kits that would allow Windows servers to use the new space without an outage- I used one from an IBM LSI rebrand back in 2003 to do just this. Maybe you could check whether your storage vendor has something similar.

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If you have connected to the server via a Terminal Services session try logging out and logging back in.

Even though you have extended the disk, your initial Windows Explorer launched via terminal services isn't smart enough to catch up on the change.

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Pressing F5 should be sufficient. – John Gardeniers Nov 30 '12 at 5:57

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