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I recently inherited an Infiniband network containing multiple switches, and I know that one of these switches is running the subnet manager. The rest supposedly have that feature turned off, or were never enabled. The trouble is, I have no idea which one it is...

I'd like to replace the switch subnet manager with OpenSM running on a couple of my infrastructure servers. Is there any way, short of logging into each switch individually, to determine which switch is running the SM?

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Is there a LED that lights up when the switch is an SM? – Dmitri Chubarov Dec 1 '12 at 7:13
Nope! (Just double checked the hardware, too. :) ) Would be a useful feature, I'll mention it to my Mellanox rep... – ajdecon Dec 3 '12 at 21:50
Which switches? – pfo Dec 4 '12 at 9:33

If your infrastructure servers can run OpenSM, they may also have the OFED stack utilities installed as well. If the commands are available, ibstat will tell you the SM's LID. Then use the LID in smpquery ND -L <LID> to get the node description of the node running the SM.

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If you reach your manager by IP address, you could look the ARP/MAC tables of your switches to find which IP address corresponds to your switch.

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If you have an OFED installed in your system and the package infiniband-diags you can use the command sminfo to list running subnet managers in your Infiniband network:

~ # sminfo 
sminfo: sm lid 18 sm guid 0x0000000, activity count 55554951 priority 0 state 3 SMINFO_MASTER

It will list all known subnet managers for that nome and the master subnet manager.

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