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I have a few old T4300s which I would like to repurpose as 2008 R2 file servers in smaller locations.

These are configured with the Intel ICH9R raid controller for DATA drives. What if any limitations do I need to keep in mind selecting drives for in this system other than matching size and speed?

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ICH9R RAID is "FakeRAID" as there is no battery-backed cache, or dedicated XOR processor. I'd be very skeptical of using it. You'd also need to hook it up to another ICH9R machine in a recovery scenario if the motherboard ever died and couldn't be replaced with the same model.

I'd suggest getting a PERC RAID controller. If you can't, I'd recommend using Windows software RAID, given the alternative.

All that said, if you must use the ICH9R controller, just getting drives of matching rotational speed should be enough and even that's not actually required.

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