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NOC tech told me this:

I am having troubles loading this server. I set up the HDD in the RAID controller however it does not show up when I try to install CentOS. A quick look at SuperMicro's website shows that this board (X7DCL-3) does not support CentOS using the SAS drives.

Anyone have any idea about this? I need 64bit drivers for Centos 5 64bit o/s for this SAS controller.

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According to this post, CentOS 5.2 x64 should work, but 5.3 won't. Have them try loading 5.2.

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I've already tried 5.2 Centos and it still does not show up when I am to select a disk. The drivers do not seem to be included on the disk. I did some searching and attempted to find some drivers in order to manually load, using hints from the link that you provided, however none of them seem to work either. – Clear.Cache Jul 26 '09 at 8:54
Did you see this thread: "X7DCL-3 supports only software RAID or non-RAID on SAS drives! if you need hardware RAID, then you still need to install a standalone hardware RAID card, and your cost will be much higher than just using X7DCL-I board (no on-board SAS ports) to start with." – Adam Brand Jul 26 '09 at 17:13

looks like you're going to need a real controller in there. anything based on LSI (IBM/Dell/LSI/HP/etc) is supported with the megaraid driver

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