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Can you set up a machine in which different drives are formatted as either LVM volumes or as traditional partitions and mix and match the two? For e.g. have the LVM volume mounted as / and /home and swap and then have a separate hard drive with a traditional ext3 primary partition mounted as /home/user1 or /var?

Any advantages or disadvantages to having a mixed system if it is feasible?

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Sure - they can co-exist without issue.

The only problem I see in the plan is increased complexity. I typically want to have my filesystems be 100% on "standard" partitions or 100% on LVM partitions.

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Not only is it possible, it's downright normal, at least on RH boxes where GRUB (sometimes) can't cope with /boot being on LVM. But as EEAA says, there's a cost in added complexity, and you shouldn't assume that cost without a good reason. – MadHatter Apr 14 '14 at 6:40

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