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I created a Windows Server 2012 (Azure) VM, inside of VM I THOUGHT I did everything whatever is required to run ASP.NET application.. BUT that wasn't a case.

I'm stuck and unable to run a simple ASP.NET app HelloWorld. I had everything running fine before Microsoft lost my Azure VM (hence why I am now rebuilding it).

What can I do to resolve this? Where should I look? My HelloWorld application returns Internal Server Error 500.19. I've must have missed something somewhere, but I need someone help me to pinpoint.

Server Roles:
* Application Server:
  .NET Framework 4.5
* Web Server (IIS)
  * Web Server
   * .NET Extensibility 3.5
   * .NET Extensibility 4.5
   * ASP
   * ASP.NET 3.5
   * ASP.NET 4.5
   * ISAPI Exetnsions
   * ISAPI Filters
 * .NET Framework 3.5
 * .NET Framework 4.5

all these are marked as "Installed"

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You need to find out exactly what is wrong. 500.19 is usually a config error, which is generally something in your web.config file that isn't installed on the server. To find out, go to your Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application and find the actual error that IIS is throwing. –  Mark Henderson Dec 2 '12 at 23:57
per your recommendation, i looked it logs->applications and didn't find any errors at all, is there anywhere else I could look? –  alexus Dec 3 '12 at 15:31

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