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We used to work with a local Apache instance (WAMP) as a development environment, but we installed recently a PRTG server on the same machine, so it listens to the same port, as it is a web-based tool.

We are not able to reach our Apache server anymore as web requests on the server IP keep going to PRTG.

I changed the PRTG listening port to 8080 so that we would have 2 web servers listening to 2 dfferent ports.

It doesn't seems to work well: when I try to reach with a browser (Firefox, Chrome) it instantly changes to, and I get to PRTG home page.

Why does it changes from what I requested ? Should I use a totally different non-standard port ? What solutions do I have ?

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You should really take this up with PRTG support. – John Gardeniers Dec 4 '12 at 10:11

there are two potential causes to be checked first:

  1. Set PRTG on port 8080 but with HTTPS since there is a forwarding to port 80. See also this KB post.
  2. It is "only" hit 80 on localhost/ port, it is the report generator in PRTG, you can that solve with this.

Bonus Solution: Go to "Windows Service Management Console" and make sure to start the PRTG web server after the Apache. PRTG will only take ports that are not already taken by the Apache.

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