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I want to deny all URL beginning by iso, in squid 3.2.3 So, I've put in squid.conf:

  acl torrent_sites dstdom_regex -i iso
  acl music_sites dstdom_regex -i music

and my http control like:

  http_access allow localhost
  http_access allow localnetp1
  http_access deny torrent_sites localnetp1
  http_access deny music_sites
  http_access deny ftp_request
  http_access deny localnetp1 norm_conn
  http_access deny all

but i can enter to the page, why?

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Rules are processed in order. Once an http_access allow has been reached processing stops and the connection is permitted. What is the localnetp1 ACL doing? Does that happen to be a src acl with a list of all your IP addresses perhaps?

Your rules generally be ordered like thisgo

# all the specific denies first
http_access deny asdf
http_access deny sdfa
# any explicit allows
http_access allow dfas
# deny everything else
http_access deny all
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yes, localnetp1 is a src with a list o ip addresses. – BanKtsu Dec 4 '12 at 18:07
Right, so my answer applies, and you should try re-ordering your ACLs. – Zoredache Dec 4 '12 at 18:11

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