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I have a front SOAP web-server under Linux.

It will have to communicate with Windows Servers VM listening each on a HTTP port, for a HTTP POST request. The chosen VM should return a report of a task to the SOAP client.

In the SOAP requests, there's a special variable : the priority of the request (kind of SLA), and my question is coming right now :

I think of using a software (nginx, HAProxy, HeartBeat...) that can manage priority in this point of view. Is it relevant or do you think I need to implement a queue by myself with some specific developments?


  • I have a SOAP requests with low priority in the pipe : the weight priority for these VM should be decreased if I have high priority SOAP requests at the same time.

Any clue will be really appreciated.

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Some guys on #perl on recommend me to use a event-based framework like POE

  1. read request
  2. decode the payload
  3. figure out the priority
  4. push it to one of the servers
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