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we'd like to implement a daily spam report to our users like Dreamhost does. Basically we need to send a daily mail (at midnight for example) to inform a single user of all the emails currently in his spam folder with the related score to let them look right away if there's a false positive. We use a basic sendmail server with procmail to redirect spam to the spam folder in each home directory.

Do you know if is there a perl script or some other tool that does just that?

Thank you very much

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Was my answer in any way helpful? – Raffael Luthiger Sep 19 '09 at 11:47

It's highly likely Dreamhost is using a home-grown script and that is likely what you will have to do as well. You should be able to do it without too much fuss in bash or perl.

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Thank you, yes it shouldn't be any difficult if I could manage to have an internal good with bash or perl. Unfortunately any of us isn't so I was looking for a ready-made script. I wonder why there's not so much around since I think this is a killer feature to add to a simple hosting / mail service. Modules like webmin can fetch with no problem local mbox files, I should manage to hack a script to do just what I want. Thank you for your feedback – Simone Magnaschi Jul 28 '09 at 12:36

I don't know the exact solution to your problem, but this is pretty similar and should help you getting what you want. Else search on Google for "daily spam digest". This should give you some more useful results.

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I'll look into that thank you. – Simone Magnaschi Jul 28 '09 at 12:33

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