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I have just installed SBS 2008 R2 Standard on VMware Workstation 9 along with Windows 7 Pro N. Both are activated and running fine. I have followed the steps to configure SBS 2008 and am now at the point where I'm to add a computer to the domain. Here is where the problem begins.
I have gone through the steps of using the webinterface. On the client I downloaded Launcher.exe. I then run it and get the error "Check computer requirements - Failed" (translated from swedish):

  • "This computer doesn't reach the requirements for connecting to the network."
  • "The computer doesn't reach the maximum requirements for the operating system with regards to connect to the network"

    The provided link for More information only leads to a general supportpage and doesn't handle this specific error. I have also checked the time settings and they are correct. Any clue as to what this problem could be?
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Do you have the latest .NET framework installed? –  Simplexion Dec 5 '12 at 11:38
.NET 4 is installed. I can add the client the "old fashion" way. –  Sandokan Dec 6 '12 at 6:44

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