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We are using Windows 7 starter machines for Media Advertising. We use netplwiz to enable automatic logon to windows, so if a reboot has to occur, the OS boots in, logs on, and starts the media.

Problem we are facing on some machines, is that if a hard power failure occurs.. I.E. we pull the plug while the OS is running, it "loses" this aut logon feature the next time it boots up.

We are basically simulating a power failure. So, on normal reboot, start, shutdown, reboot.. the auto logon works when starting up again. But on power failure while still in windows, auto logon breaks and asks the suer to logon.

This now in turn, only happens on :some" of our machines.... some ar eperfectly fine witht he power loss routine... and log on, others just break after power loss.

We ahve also tried the manual regsitry edit, same result.

Can anyone assist?

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so if you set autologon and then without a clean reboot pull the powercord the autologon settings will get trashed. set the autologon and do a clean restart, then test by pulling the plug. –  tony roth Dec 5 '12 at 15:20
Hi tony.. sorry, should have mentioned... did try that. Thats how I found that a normal reboot/shutdown keeps it, and power loss not. –  Louis van Tonder Dec 6 '12 at 5:50

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