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I run an educational lab of 20 iMacs, all running Mac OS 10.7.5(11G63) with ARD version 3.6.2. My server and all of the iMacs run Lion. I seem to have crossed something and now my root user is being controlled with the same preferences I have setup for my LDap users. Somehow, ARD has taken control of the root user, most notably the System Preferences. Is there a way around this problem. I need root to have full permissions (like it should), while still controlling the individual users who log on.

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I'm guessing you mean your admin user not the root user right? Make sure you are managing user preferences and not computer preferences.

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I do mean the root user - as in "Root". That's the problem. I am managing user preferences in my workgroup manager, but the user preferences extend to root for some reason. – Fuhton Dec 5 '12 at 20:31

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