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I am trying to configure postfix to use 2 domains for my accounts, for example, I had example.com and now I want to use example.net , my current mail use my Unix Accounts ... I add user usermail and I get usermail@example.com , so now, I want all those accounts and the new accounts to receive and send all mails from usermail@example.net too...

So, what after set the domain, MX records and all... I added in my linux (debian) as host (in /var/hosts) the ip xx.xx.xx.xx example.net (example.com was already there) and in my postfix configuration I thought about to treat it as an alias domain... so, I did this:

virtual_alias_domains = example.net
virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

postmaster@example.com postmaster (my Unix Account)

Then I did postmap /etc/postfix/virtual and /etc/init.d/postfix restart

I can send mails to my old accounts in @example.net .. but I cant receive them.. it doesnt work.. and of course I can't send mails from those accounts.

Any idea how to make this configuration? or if my configuration has something wrong??

I added my domain as another VirtualHost on my apache.. not as an alias of the other Thanks in advance.

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Check /etc/aliases (or /etc/postfix/aliases, check main.cf to see exact location) if there is any alias for postmaster user. Delete it if so because mail will be delivered to expended address.


Mail for name is delivered to the alias name, to destinations in ~name/.forward, to the mailbox owned by the user name, or it is sent back as undeliverable.

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