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I need to dump only the primary SMTP addresses to a .csv file. I need to do this for all Users, Groups and Mail Enabled PFs. Environment is Exchange 2007/2010. I have been trying to work with the following EMS commands, but I get all email addresses instead of just the primary address.

get-mailbox | %{$_.EmailAddresses} | %{$_.SmtpAddress} | out-file c:\mailboxes.csv
get-distributiongroup | %{$_.EmailAddresses} | %{$_.SmtpAddress} | out-file c:\distributiongroups.csv
get-contact | %{$_.WindowsEmailAddress} | %{$_.Local + "@" + $_.Domain} | out-file c:\contacts.csv
get-mailpublicfolder | %{$_.EmailAddresses} | %{$_.SmtpAddress} | out-file c:\mailpublicfolders.csv

I fear I've made a syntax error, but cannot spot it at present. I'd like to avoid parsing the .csv file unless that's the only viable option.

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You are looping through all of the email addresses for each user, so of course you're going to get all of the email addresses. (% is shorthand for the foreach operator).

You should just use the PrimarySmtpAddress attribute:

get-mailbox | select-object PrimarySmtpAddress | out-file c:\mailboxes.csv
get-distributiongroup | select-object PrimarySmtpAddress | out-file c:\distributiongroups.csv
get-contact | select-object PrimarySmtpAddress | out-file c:\contacts.csv
get-mailpublicfolder | select-object PrimarySmtpAddress | out-file c:\mailpublicfolders.csv
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