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Ok..I have a server that is running Debian linux, opensshd, vsftpd. This server has a 1Gb upload pipe, and my clients pipe is 2.5mb downstream.

The issue is that I can download something from that server to my client, through any of rsync, scp, or filezilla ftp..or anything. My download speed only sees about 1/3rd of what it should. However, if I use DownThemAll or something else which uses multiple simultaneous connections, then I get all the speed I want.

My provider assures me (and he's technically knowledgeable/savvy), that it isn't anything on their end..that they don't have any caps on that.

What's going on here? It's kind of unnerving because I can't just rsync it over which would be preferable.

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Most likely, somewhere between the two machines there is a link that is maxed out. By using multiple connections, you get more "shares" of that link. A traceroute might help locate the bottleneck. – David Schwartz Dec 5 '12 at 21:22

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