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When I start pure-ftpd on port 21 the login time can take almost 30 seconds, but when I set it on a different port login is very fast.

What is the problem ?

Here's my startup script:

    service ftp
        disable = no
                socket_type     = stream
                wait            = no
                user            = root
                server          = /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd
                server_args     = -A -c5000 -C50 -D -fftp  -H -I15 -lpuredb:/etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.pdb -lunix -L2000:8 -m4 -s -p30000:50000 -U133:022 -u100 -Oclf:/var/log/kloxo/pureftpd.log -g/var/run/pure-ftpd.pid -k99 -Z -Y 1
                groups          = yes
                flags           = REUSE
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That was router problem - Apple Time Capsule. Tested on different router and it was ok.

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