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This must be pretty simple but I can't figure it out !! :)

I have two Windows Azure VM's - all I want to do is have a network share on one that is accessible from the other.

Do I need to set up some kind of network or firewall rules or something?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you need a virtual network. The Azure VMs you have at the moment are discrete VMs unaware of each others existence. When you create a Virtual Network and add your machines to it, they become part of the same subnet and can discover and address each other. This should help you

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Azure VMs can connect to each-other out of the box if they are in the same Cloud Service. Then, you can enable network file sharing and share files between them normally.

Please see here for instructions on how to create VMs in the same Cloud Service.

If the above is correctly set up, you can access one VM from another via its hostname. So if you have a VM called "vm123" and a folder "shareXYZ" which that VM is sharing on the network, other VMs in the same Cloud Service will be able to access it at "\vm123\shareXYZ", as you would expect.




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