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I am very satisfied with munin as a monitoring tool (as I only have a simple 2-server setup) but its alerting system is very annoying as you can only configure it to send an e-mail upon every check which generates a warning or an error.

It seems like the only option is to use Nagios but in Debian it has Apache as a dependency and I already use nginx on my monitoring machine.

All I want is to have the possibility to silence/acknowledge the alarm while I am working on a fix, so that I don't get bombarded with e-mails. Nagios seems like an oversized solution for that anyway.

Is there any simple solution for that or am I the only one who feels like he needs such a tool?

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It's not free but PagerDuty can de-dupe alerts, just set the service either "Open a new incident only if an open incident does not already exist" or "Open a new incident for each new trigger email subject".

(Disclaimer: I work there)

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To be honest this falls in the "oversized solution" category for me :) But thanks for the pointer nevertheless! –  akirk Dec 11 '12 at 8:59

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