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We got a supermicro server,, according spec, the server supports up to 32G memory when using ECC Register Memory.

However, when I tried the dmidecode command, it says 24G max memory:

[root@c1 ~]# dmidecode | grep Maximum
Maximum Size: 256 kB
Maximum Size: 1024 kB
Maximum Size: 8192 kB
Maximum Memory Module Size: 4096 MB
Maximum Total Memory Size: 24576 MB
Maximum Capacity: 24 GB
Maximum Value: Unknown

Which one I should trust?

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Trust the manufacturer. But the supported memory arrangements are quite complex, so be careful. For example, the only way to get 32GB is with 4 x 8GB Quad Rank RDIMMs.

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Great. Looked supermicro supported memory page, I have 4x4G RDIMM already, does that mean I can't simply add 2 x 8G to get to 32G? – starchx Dec 7 '12 at 11:55

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