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I want Fiddler and some other programs to run on startup, so it's there and running every time I bring up an instance of my test server on EC2. There's a few questions about running scripts on Startup with Task Scheduler, but this needs to work slightly differently.

I have set this up to run on startup but when I RDP into the server I can see Fiddler is running in Task Manager (so I can't manually run a second instance of the program), but it's not viewable on the task bar? So I can't actually see the interface?

Here's my setup:

General Tab

  • Running with highest privileges
  • Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Configure for Windows 2008 server R2

Triggers Tab

  • At startup

Others are obvious and defaults..

What am I doing wrong?

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This guide shows you exactly how to do it with a utility called 'Always Up'

How to Run Fiddler as a Windows Service with AlwaysUp

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I think you may be executing this at the wrong time. At startup the system will start the programs as you have seen but they are not running under a user context, just the system context.

If you are expecting to use these programs as a user you will want to create a task to start the programs on login and not startup.

A user context does not exist at startup to run the programs with, therefore you cannot take ownership or use those programs when you login.

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I see what you are saying, so you think it cannot be done? I am using Amazon EC2, when I start up an instance I want Fiddler to be started at startup.. When I login I want to see what Fiddler has captured.. – Markive Dec 8 '12 at 13:11

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