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I have a small problem as I'm a server manager beginner, I installed a Domain Controller on my Windows Server 2008, and I created three OUs, now I'm trying to add users to each OU via csvde command, but I get as a result of the operation, without mentioning any errors:

> C:\csvde>csvde -i -f List.csv 
> Connecting to "(null)"
> Logging in as current user using SSPI Importing directory from file
> "List.csv" Loading entries. 
> 0 entries modified successfully.

Below is the csv file I'm using to add 2 users to "Offshoring1" OU, the domain name is "iado.lan".

DN objectClass sAMAccountName sn givenName userPrincipalNAme cn=BB NN,ou=Offshoring1,dc=iado,dc=lan user BB NN BB BB.NN@iado.lan cn=II YY,ou=Offshoring1,dc=iado,dc=lan user II YY II II.YY@iado.lan

and this the csv data as generated by Word 2011 on my mac :

DN;objectClass;sAMAccountName;sn;givenName;userPrincipalNAme cn=BB NN,ou=Offshoring1,dc=iado,dc=lan;user;BB;NN;BB;BB.NN@iado.lan cn=II YY,ou=Offshoring1,dc=iado,dc=lan;user;II;YY;II;II.YY@iado.lan

I do use -k option to force import but still no success.

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Add -v for verbose output, also -j can be to generate logs. – jscott Dec 7 '12 at 15:28
Word for Mac is probably mangling your data. Use a plain-text editor instead, like vi or textedit in plain-text mode if you need a GUI. – MDMarra Dec 7 '12 at 15:38
@jscott : I've updated the output result displayed on my screen . – The Eighth Ero Dec 7 '12 at 16:13
` Connecting to "(null)"` -- You're not connecting to anything. You need to connect to a Domain Controller. You can specify the DC with -s NameOfDC – jscott Dec 7 '12 at 16:33
@jscott : Even if i'm running the command on the server which is a DC ?? – The Eighth Ero Dec 7 '12 at 16:37

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