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I have an nginx/1.2.3 server compiled with --with-http_mp4_module as a pseudostreaming server.

Streaming and seeking works fine except buffering. Tt seems like the buffer directives are being completely ignored.

Here are the location declaration for the streaming part;

location  /video_dump/ {
        alias /var/www/mp4/;
        mp4_buffer_size     512k;
        mp4_max_buffer_size 1m;

The above location is in the server block of an https server.

I know that the buffer directives are being ignored because as soon as the video starts streaming it starts getting downloaded without stopping at the declared limit.

Any takers?

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mp4_buffer_size and mp4_max_buffer_size refer to the memory used by nginx to process the MP4 file (read MOOV atom etc) to be served and not to the client-side steam buffer.

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