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My job has pushed me far along enough to build a web app on a VPS.

I've decided to go with an unmanaged KVM VPS through

There are some features that I am unfamiliar with. I can not find anywhere to explain what this means:

For an additional $1.00/month, customers may purchase access to an offloaded MySQL server located on the same LAN as your VPS server.

Our SQL servers are backed by RAID 10 + SSD read caching to drastically improve performance.


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I assume this means they're giving you access to a shared MySQL server (so your server doesn't have the extra overhead of running SQL and the webapp) -- you should really ask your provider though. Whether or not it makes sense is a judgment call you need to make based on your intended use, workload, security needs, etc. – voretaq7 Dec 8 '12 at 4:19
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Ask them for the details, but it looks like it is another VM, which happens to be on hardware slightly tuned for DB usage.

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