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I'm new to openstack, now reading some documentation. I have question about the object storage.

Could the swift object storage be used by apps running on virtual machine? I guess the answer should be YES. If so, do apps also use the Openstack HTTP based API to operate the storage? I'm afraid the performance issue.

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Can you provide more details about the particular performance issues that you are worried about? Making requests against swift just involved HTTP calls, so it should not be compute-intensive, so CPU performance shouldn't be an issue. Are you worried about network performance of moving lots of data in and out of a VM? –  Lorin Hochstein Dec 9 '12 at 21:13

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Yep. You can. All external apps interact with OpenStack services via their HTTP API.

Probably the easiest way to interact with Swift is via the python-swiftclient. See


If you're using PHP, you might want to consider php-opencloud. See


If you're using Java, you might want to consider jclouds. See


If you're concerned about performance, I'd suggest doing some performance testing to see if they'll meet your needs.


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