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I am building a web application with email notification just like Facebook, which will host in When a user A comment to a post, the poster will get an email notification from '' with the comment message written by user A. (Not spam)

I really like Google Apps but they have sending limits 2000 sending per day, that is not suit for my case becuz I cannot have sending limits. There will be many email notifications.

I also need company email accounts for team members use which I prefer Google Apps.

My web application will host in linode, I am considering "Amazon Simple Notification Service" for the email notification.

My questions are

  1. Any other recommend email service provider suits my case for me?
  2. Can I bind company email accounts(ex: with Google Apps and bind with other email service provider?
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You work for a company and spell because as 'becuz'? – cutrightjm Dec 8 '12 at 7:12
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First, don't use your corporate domain for sending these types of emails. Use a sub-domain or a completely different mail-specific domain. The reason is you don't want to damage the reputation of your real domain with automated emails. A lot of users mark these types of emails as spam. Also send from a different mail server/IP address.

I recommend not running the mail system yourself. There is a lot to managing your reputation, and doing tracking, and there are services that do it well. There are a lot of services, search the web for [transactional email delivery].

As to question #2, yes and no. No, you can't have mail delivered to a specific address go straight to different mail server than the rest of the domain, though you could forward to another server. Yes, you can send mail from any server you want, make sure SPF indicates the other server/service is allowed to send mail for that domain.

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If you have a linode why don't you set up your own email server and then send your emails through smtp which is a process well documented in many languages.

With a few modifications the backend can run on postgres if this is your db of choice.

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