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What is the best way to execute 5 curl requests in parallel from a bash script? I can't run them in serial for performance reasons.

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Have you tried searching for parts of your solution? Another SF question seems to be exactly what you're asking for:… – Theuni Dec 9 '12 at 9:47

Use '&' after a command to background a process, and 'wait' to wait for them to finish. Use '()' around the commands if you need to create a sub-shell.


curl -s -o foo && echo "done1" &
curl -s -o bar && echo "done2" & 
curl -s -o baz && echo "done3" &

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xargs has a "-P" parameter to run processes in parallel. For example:

wget -nv -O- | egrep -o "http://[^[:space:]]*.jpg" | xargs -P 10 -r -n 1 wget -nv


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I use gnu parallel for tasks like this.

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