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I followed these instructions to serve Python (Web2Py) via uWSGI. However, the web server returned an error:

uWSGI Error
Python application not found

until I modified the config.xml config file from:

    <app mountpoint="/">



What's the difference between <app> and <module>? Why did <module> work, but not <app>?

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the --app option is deprecated by more than a year (it should be reported in uWSGI logs if you use a stable version 1.2/1.4). For wsgi apps you use --module (for python modules) and --wsgi-file (for .wsgi files)

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Not seeing a deprecation message in logs, just failure as OP noted with --version 1.2.3-debian (ubuntu 13.04 x86_64), and plenty of outdated documentation showing that erroneous form still. –  JustinC Aug 2 '13 at 1:25
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