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I would like to setup ACL (python script or any ready made Centos compatible scipt) & limit rate for all IP addresses, who are hitting the site very frequently. For example crawlers, bots (except google & bing bots).

After identifying the ip address, script should automatically add those IP address to IPTABLES so that they cannot access the site.

I have following application added to my Centos OS

  1. Apache 2.x
  2. MySQL 5.2
  3. Varnish
  4. Memcache
  5. APC

I would like the script should satisfy our requirement i.e:

  1. Block crawler/users other than google & bit who are hitting server too hard.
  2. Don't block white listed ip address/ip regions.
  3. Make sure it can be used for commercial purpose.
  4. It doesn't impact performance further.

Please advise what is best possible solution for this.

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You appear to be asking for fail2ban

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Thanks for providing the link. I have one doubt, will fail2ban block googlebot and bingbot too? I saw someone mentioned this in a forum… – Sukhjinder Singh Dec 11 '12 at 17:50

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