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How can I change the screen resolution of several Windows 7 machines from a central point, i.e., a server running Active Directory?

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Why would you ever want to do that? The screen resolution is an individual machine-specific setting that each client should handle by itself to fit the display attached. – Oskar Duveborn Dec 11 '12 at 10:24
I'm curious. Do you have an actual technical reason to do this or do you just want to annoy your users? – John Gardeniers Dec 11 '12 at 10:29

Typically this would be achieved by group policies for the machines in question. However none such policy exists as overriding screen resolution remotely is typically Not a Good Idea (TM).

Instead you should configure the screen resolutions manually, although the best resolution should be selected by Windows automatically when you install the appropriate drivers.

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You could set a Startup script for all your users in your AD (under their Profile tab in the Logon script field) and have that call a tool like QRes to set their resolution. A simple batch file would do the trick, like

C:\ServerScripts\QRes.exe /x:1280 /y:1024
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