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I currently own a Windows Server Foundation (that does not support email sending) but wish to send a report email after running Windows Server Backup.

Do you know of any programs/alternatives to fix this problem?


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Would it be possible to run Cygwin on the server and then run one of the free MTAs on that, such as Exim, or Postfix, or even Sendmail (or SSMTP)?

It's dirty as hell, but might just work.

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Way dirty and much of a hassle, the EventSentry+Gmail was enough for me. Thanks for the answer though :) – André dias Jan 10 '13 at 10:44
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I ended up installing EventSentry Light and configuring it to send and email, with a Gmail account, on a specific event ID.

It's not as pretty as an email sent with the backup report, but it does the trick, at least I won't forget the backup exists :)

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