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My ISPConfig 3 setup ( is behaving strange. First I get a load of

sh: 1: /which: not found
sh: 1: /which: not found
sh: 1: /which: not found
sh: 1: /which: not found
sh: 1: /which: not found
sh: 1: /which: not found

messages (which I ignored) and then after entering my MySQL data I get

sh: 1: /mysql: not found
sh: 1: /echo: not found
ERROR: Unable to load SQL-Dump into database table.

Funny thing is... which, mysql and echo commands are of course available from the command line (server has a standard LAMP setup).

Any ideas?

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Well, could have thought of that. The standard setup also includes "SafeMode = ON" even for CLI PHP. Stupid that the error message was not about that in any way...

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