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I'm attempting to compare load averages from several severs using using Munin 1.4.6-3ubuntu3 by combining multiple hosts in a single graph.

My attempt:

load.graph_title Load
load.graph_category System
load.graph_order \ \ \ \ \ \

Results in:

[WARNING] munin_set_var_loc: Setting unknown option 'load' at;Totals;s2=s2;domain;com:load:
[WARNING] munin_set_var_loc: Setting unknown option 'load' at;Totals;s3=s2;domain;com:load:
[WARNING] munin_set_var_loc: Setting unknown option 'load' at;Totals;s4=s2;domain;com:load:

And no graphs generated in /var/cache/munin/www/, just index.html, and load.html

What's a working example to accomplish this?

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I struggled with combined graphs myself for quite a while. I can tell from my experience that munin's input validation is really bad. Therefore it often silently fails if you forget to set a required option or you set too many options. Furthermore I encountered a really weird issue which made my combined graph disappear after a few minutes into server uptime. This issue got resolved by upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 (munin 2.0.9-1ubuntu1).

A little bit of background about our setup

We currently have three production servers behind a load balancer. Each one of them counts the number incoming requests. All of these servers are monitored by munin and a custom plugin (myplugin) retrieves the request counter and exposes it as a single data source called 'requests'. Using this setup we had three different graphs for the three different servers. Now this obviously is a perfect usecase for combined graphs.

Here's my working configuration

    use_node_name yes
    use_node_name yes
    use_node_name yes
    update no
    myplugin.update no
    myplugin.graph_args --base 1000 -l 0
    myplugin.graph_category myplugin
    myplugin.graph_vlabel requests/s
    myplugin.graph_title request rate
    myplugin.graph_order \
        total \
        server-1=server-1.production:myplugin.requests \
        server-2=server-2.production:myplugin.requests \
        server-3=server-3.production:myplugin.requests \
        server-1.production:myplugin.requests \
        server-2.production:myplugin.requests \
    myplugin.server-1.label server-1
    myplugin.server-2.label server-2
    myplugin.server-3.label server-3 total

Important pitfalls

  • The label definitions in the very last part of the config are required. Omitting them leads to munin failing silently!
  • update no is required, although I'm not sure whether you need myplugin.update no.
  • Make sure you're using the latest version of munin since bugs are actively fixed.
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