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In our windows hosting we use the root (wwwroot) folder to host a JOOMLA website as public website. This is running IIS 7.

Then, we created a virtual directory called "App" to host there a ASP.NET MVC4 application.

When I enter it shows the joomla website correctly. When I enter it somehow access my MVC app... as I see the URL changing to BUT shows a 404 Joomla error as if it were looking that URL in Joomla.

BTW, the hosting has 2 ASP.NET IIS Setup options: 4.0 Classic and 4.0 integrated. Using the Integrated one... it displays a blank page... using the classic one shows the 404 Joomla page.

Any idea where to look for this?

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I managed to fix the problem.

The Virtual Directory's web.config was inheriting the Joomla's web.config rules. So, I wrapped all the setting in Joomla's web.config in:

<location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false">

And this way my ASP.NET MVC application just uses its web.config "uncontaminated".

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