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I am helping a friend with his website, and am having a problem with his webmail configuration, which I suspect is due to a misconfigured MX record.

His domain is registered and hosted by hostmonster, they have a webmail option.

A record:

Host    Points To       TTL

webmail 12.345.789.101  14400


mail   14400

MX Record:

0   @  14400

I've created an email account on hostmonster, however, when I sent an email to this account, it appears to be routing to /dev/null. I know that it's not actually, but am unsure of the steps I can take to track this down?

I've tried using dig, but am unsure where to start. How can I track down where this email is being routed to?

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to track routing issues. if it resolves to the ip address then it's going to be problem with the hosting provider.

Why not just setup a free google apps account and use that instead.

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