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I have a Linux PXE server used to boot Clonezilla, Debian rescue, etc. on client machines when needed.

Is it possible to add the Windows 7 recovery CD (repair disc) to the available systems on this Linux PXE server?

I do NOT need to install Win7 over the network, and I don't have a WDS server. All I found were solutions for a full install (like this or this). I am hoping that it can be much simpler in the case of the repair disc, which contains the following files:

    bcd                262'144 bytes 
    boot.sdi         3'170'304 bytes
    bootfix.bin          1'024 bytes
    boot.wim       369'906'796 bytes
 bootmgr               383'786 bytes

The Linux PXE server is also a Samba domain controller in case that makes a difference. And it is also the DHCP server of course.

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Yep, you need:


In DHCP you'll need to specify Option 66 tftp_server.example.com and Option 67 pxeboot.com.

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I found pxeboot.com inside boot.wim. But my pxe server uses "pxelinux.0" (from Syslinux), so that is what the DHCP server specifies. And I don't know what to write into the "pxelinux.cfg/default" file. I guess tat the usual "kernel" and "append" lines wouldn't make much sense to Windows. –  mivk Dec 20 '12 at 18:28

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