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I am working to setup a high availability cPanel server. I have two servers on same data center. The cPanel server has got 150 websites and 15 ip addresses where 1 is main shared ip and 14 other dedicated IP's. Can DRBD and Heartbeat be used to make s system where the data is properly synced and when one server goes down, the websites should start loading from the other server. Also all the IP's should be moved to the other server when one fails. Is this possible?

If possible will the system crashes with cpanel normal update?

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A few notes:

1) you want to run DRDB on the /home filesystem (for user data and also (/var/cpanel/userdata, /etc/v* for email routing) and will need to make duplicate copies of the rest of the cpanel account information. cPanel as a product does not do locking in all the places you need to have DRDB setup not cause issues.

2) You are going to want a unique IP address for each server. Then have all your websites on IPs routed to the same vlan, so they can be used on either server. This is something you need to work out with your data center.

3) Your database server / php session info needs to be running in a third server. This way you could even load balance between the two servers as needed during high load.

Hope that helps.

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