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How do you get the subdomain as a variable to add in a rewrite?

hello.example.com should go to example.com/user.php?u=hello but still display as just hello.example.com

I'm currently doing http://example.com/users/hello but would like to have Tumblr style domain names for users.

rewrite ^/users/(.*)$ /user.php?u=$1 last;

Also, if there are pages like /settings/ after the subdomain hello.example.com/settings/ I'll need to rewrite to a settings.php

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Two things. Firstly you need to read the host variable to get the subdomain and set it to a variable which is used later.
I used the variable $sub_domain and and then append the variable to to the URI.

if ($host ~* (.*)\.example\.com) {
     set $sub_domain $1;
     rewrite ^/user.php$ /user.php?u=$sub_domain

The rewrite line needs to be tweaked further. I have given an example here. Refer to the nginx in-built variables documentation for available options.

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