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I usually ask my n00b questions on Stack Exchange, but now I'm setting up a VPS and have a question. My usual points to my VPS's IP Now I have a different domain, and I'd like to point that to another location, say However, when I try to add that as an "A" record in the DNS settings it won't let me.

FYI I'm using with ubuntu 11.10 and Nginx.


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You need to do a little research before asking questions (Google: "Name based virtual hosting"). You also need to ask a more specific question if you want answers out of Server Fault -- "It won't let me" isn't an error message or anything else we can troubleshoot. See here for some tips – voretaq7 Dec 15 '12 at 5:28
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You don't do that in the DNS, you do it in the web server. It's called "name-based virtual hosting". The A record only points to the IP address.

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