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I have to get a 20GB directory from my server to my desktop. It has probably millions of files, and I can't tgz them because for some reason it won't write the file past 7.5GB. What's the best way to get the files down? I need something better than FTP because that will take ages with so many files. Will I not have the 7.5GB file limit if I skip gz?

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What operating systems? – Michael Hampton Dec 15 '12 at 5:05
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It has probably millions of files, and I can't tgz them because for some reason it won't write the file past 7.5GB.

You can tgz them, just not write them down on the server:

ssh you@your.server "tar zcvf - /directory/with/millions/of/files" > millions-of-files.tar.gz

I'm assuming you have ssh access if you were considering tgz in the first place.

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I ended up using zip and it worked fine, but I would have gone with this had I seen it. – Zonedabone Dec 19 '12 at 22:59

Something better than FTP? Using a different protocol is not going to reduce the number of files you have. rsync over ssh using tar gz seems like it would work best.

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The previous answers are on the right track, but I'd recommend creating a multiple part compressed file, and then transfer the directory using your file transfer method of choice.

This way you can transfer many of these files in parellel, giving for a much faster completion, depending on your network connection of course.

See the question:

How can I create multipart tar file in Linux?

Also, I was assuming you were using Linux. But if you are not, WinRAR can easily do this on Windows. Then transfer using NFS or whatever you prefer.

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