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We have HP Proliant ML330 G6 and its BIOS is closed with password. Password is already forgotten and we can't get there. Is there any way to crack or reset a password at this box?

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Don't password-protect your BIOS... Maintenance nightmare.

To remedy this, you will need physical access to the server... You're going to be looking for a set of DIP switches on the motherboard:

enter image description here

  • Remove the server cover.
  • Locate the System Maintenance Switch, position 6, and move the switch to the "On=Clear NVRAM" position.
  • Power the server back on until Power-On Self-Test begins.
  • After POST has started, power-cycle the server off.
  • Move the System Maintenance Switch back to the "Off" position.
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Thank you! Absolutely agree with you. It was not me, who set the password. – XOR Dec 15 '12 at 17:38

There's a set of switches on the motherboard, one of them is Password Override (ie Take any password, not just the right one)

System Maintenance SW1 - iLO Security (Password)
System Maintenance SW5 - BIOS Password Required

Note: The switches are present on almost every modern HP Server, and usually the same layout.

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