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My Sonicwall LAN subnet is


I also have intranet router routing to network. Internet is through WAN (X1) is all working fine.

My LAN PC's can connect to intranet via static route from LANsubnet to as as gateway.

Now I have LAN2 ( X4 port.

I can access Internet from LAN2, now I want to allow intranet from LAN2. What static routes do I need to make this work?

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What? Can you try to clean this up and better explain what you need? – Brent Pabst Dec 17 '12 at 14:23
This is certainly a legitimate question, and my answer below solves the issue. – SpacemanSpiff Dec 18 '12 at 2:47

The Intranet router (not your Sonicwall) at needs a static route for added to

The reason accessing the X0 subnet works fine with just a static route on your Sonicwall is because the Intranet router has an interface connected to that subnet. Since it is the default gateway for the clients on the other end, traffic can return just fine. In this case however, the X4 interface and it's subnet are only connected to the Sonicwall, and therefore another device that does not use the Sonicwall as it's default route will need a static route to reach it.

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