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I have an old Solaris 10U1 that does not have zoneadm detach command. Only the following subcommands are supported:

  • help
  • boot
  • halt
  • ready
  • reboot
  • list
  • verify
  • install
  • uninstall

I need this to move the zones to a Solaris10U9.

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There is no need to detach. Just make a backup of your zone root, copy/move it to your new global zone and do an upgrade on attach (zoneadm attach -u) with it.

Detaching is zone a convenience but not mandatory. This is clearly stated in the zoneadm manual page.

Therefore, it is advised (though not required) that the detach subcommand should be run before the “attach” takes place.

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You might want to check if there isn't a patch (or patchset) available that sufficiently updates the zones technology and adds the functionality you need.

I'd also suggest that you put in a software problem report with Oracle to ask this very question. Oracle probably has an answer for you.

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No need to call support when this is already documented in the manual page. – jlliagre Dec 18 '12 at 7:38

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