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So I wrote this simple systemd service script:-

Description=uwsgi server script

ExecStart=/bin/bash -c 'source ~/.bash_profile; workon myproject; uwsgi --ini /var/www/prod/myproject/releases/current/myproject/uwsgi_prod.ini'


which works fine - it starts up and I can see my uwsgi processes in htop.

However, it inexplicably shuts down after being idle for 5 minutes.

If I start this process manually in bash console by executing, as web user:-

source ~/.bash_profile
workon myproject
uwsgi --ini /var/www/prod/myproject/releases/current/myproject/uwsgi_prod.ini

my process does not die after being idle.

What could the problem be?

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Solved it after chatting with another dev on systemd channel.

Adding this into the [Service] section solved the problem:-


The reason is simple. If Type isn't declared, the default is Type=simple, which expects the process does NOT fork so when bash exits, systemd thinks the process is dead and tears down the cgroup.

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As you noted, you need to specify the Type otherwise systemd defaults to Type=simple.

However, the official uWSGI docs on managing uWSGI with systemd use Type=notify rather than Type=forking because then there's no need to specify the PIDFile.

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