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I have an old legacy website that I have migrated to wordpress.

Some of the functionality will remain on the old server and be accessed via IP address, however this functionality requires a secure http connection and our current certificate is valid for the domain name which is being switched across.

I have added a redirect using mod_write to our htaccess file

Redirect /mySecurePage

However a warning is presented to user as certificate is registered to the domain name - the same domain name which now points to different ip (insecurely, and redirects to secure page on old server/different ip).

What is the best solution ?

I have full access to both servers, but wanted to avoid transferring the old functionality across to new server - its a right mess. Can I change the certificate, or do some fancy url rewriting ?

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Add a subdomain and let this subdomain serves as the old legacy website.

Then replace the IP in the "Redirect" rule with the subdomain you created.

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OK, I think I understand, thats very clever. – NimChimpsky Dec 18 '12 at 12:46
Wouldn't this only work if he has a wildcard certificate for the domain. If the cert is for than redirecting the request to still throws the SSL warning. – Peter Hahndorf Dec 18 '12 at 14:14
@PeterHahndorf I do have a wildcard certificate, it looks like it saved me a lot of headache. This answer is one of the best answers I have received on stack sites, I love the lateral thinking. – NimChimpsky Dec 18 '12 at 20:34


You can use the Redirect Option as already mentioned. You are correct that you will need to use a SSL certificate that matches the old domain exactly.

Often two single SSL certificates are cheaper than a wildcard.

Proxy Method

You can use a SSL Proxy on your new server to proxy traffic to the old system.

See the ProxyPass directives.

Also don't forget: SSLProxyEngine On

Unless you want to not add a new domain, I would opt for the redirect version. It is a much less complicated and simple implementation.

If the site is for internal use, just buy a cheap SSL certificate for that legacy domain.

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