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I have an external IP pointing to it and I can mstsc (access via RDP) to it but I can't access it via


Any ideas?

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So you are asking how to access SMB over the Internet? You really should be running that within a VPN or something. SMB doesn't work all that well through NAT, and when crossing the Internet, you will almost certainly go through a couple devices performing NAT. If you really want to access the file server over the Internet, without a VPN, then look at Webdav. – Zoredache Dec 18 '12 at 18:54

Go to and learn. Great VPN software.

Trying to share a SMB over NAT is as mentioned a bad idea. I will guess your trying to share files between two servers overs the Internet? Or is it between Users?

If your using windows server use Routing and Remote Access Services. Its built in. (though I would take a Cisco or Juniper setup over it that any day)

Link to help

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Because you don't have the required ports open in your firewall, which isn't advised. Accessing the file system of the server over the internet via SMB is a very risky proposition.

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