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I am running an website on IIS 7.5 and windows 2008 R2 server.

How do I setup (or what do I need) in order to have an alert if there is a hacking attempt against the website and server,?

How do I know if the server / site was compromised?

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If are you are interested in an enterprise solution, we have a web app firewall called ServerDefender VP that will alert via email you when a hack attempt is made and will even allow you to block the IP of the would-be hacker so they cannot continue to hack your site.

You can check out the free trial here: and we are glad to answer any questions. Be sure to check out the demo video on the page linked above - it will give you an idea of the products functionality.

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Thank you, I will investigate this, but it sounds like what I need. – SetiSeeker Jan 4 '13 at 7:20

I am afraid this question does not have a straight answer, you will need an Intrusion Detection System and/or Intrusion Prevention System in order to achieve this. There is no such thing under IIS to do it (correct me if I am wrong).

Something that also works great for web applications are the good old file integrity checkers .

You can find free IDS and IPS for both Windows and GNU/Linux.

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