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The small charity I work for has just purchased Windows Server 2012. We are a small organization with 20 desktop users and 5 laptop users. All the PCs and laptops are Windows 7 Enterprise.

From what I have read on numerous forums, you have to run RSAT from a Windows 8 PC in order to administer Windows Server 2012. I came across a couple of posts that said that you can use Windows 7 RSAT but "it is not recommended."

What I want to know is:

  1. Why is it not recommended?
  2. What potential pitfalls exist if the older RSAT is used?
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The problem with using the legacy RSAT tools is that they won't be aware of new functionality in 2012 and could cause headaches down the road.

Your best bests are:

  • administer through an RDP session to the 2012 server
  • setup a Win8 PC for your IT administrator

You could setup a VM but at that point you might as well RDP to the server.

But come on...that small of a shop, how often are you messing with the server or any of the RSAT tools?

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Thanks TC - your'e right about frequency of use of RSAT, it would basically be for for setting up shared folders\printers, and creating new users\groups...and pssibly tweaking Group Policy Just thought I'd ask though. – LondonGuy Dec 20 '12 at 15:43
Well, since they just bought it, he'll probably be messing with it pretty often, at first. – mfinni Dec 20 '12 at 15:43 least until I get my head properly round it all :) BTW, would I still have to create a Central Store of the admx files a la Server 2003? – LondonGuy Dec 20 '12 at 15:45

You can use 5nine-manager-for-hyper-v-free. The free version can manage up to two Hyper-V hosts.

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Why do you put -1? I have found no other way to connect to the Server 2012 Hyper-V from Windows 7. Only the RDP and 5nine. Mention of 5nine I found on link – Arty Feb 12 '15 at 11:40
I think the downvotes are because the OP isn't asking about Hyper-V management. – TheCleaner Mar 5 '15 at 17:12
the downvotes are because of meta serverfault. – n00b Mar 6 '15 at 21:39
I answered the question written in subject. – Arty Mar 7 '15 at 8:15

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