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I trying to create PHP script which will add text to an image. When i test it on my computer (XAMPP), it works perfectly. WHen i test it on my VPS with Apache and PHP5 it just output nothing.

Screenshoot: PHP Output

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. P.S. PHP5-GD is installed on my Debian VPS.

Problem solved. I needed to use full path, no relative path for font file.

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Possibly a PHP.ini configuration error. Have you tried checking your php INI extensions? such as the and do you have error reporting enabled? This can also provide a better understanding as to why it isn't working. Another note, your hosting provider could also have some sort of restriction enabled. Do you think that may also be a cause?

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No it is not an cause. It is an VPS. Hosting provider doesn't care about what i host on it. Only disallowed thing is proxy. Anyway, problem is solved few minutes after posting. I needed to use full path, no relative path for font file. I commented out code for sending image header and executed again. Then i saw an PHP error - problems with finding font file. – xZero Dec 23 '12 at 13:25

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