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I installed DevStack on my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop. But now, every time I start my laptop, the Apache HTTP servers and MySQL daemon are running at startup. Is there anyway to stop that from happening?

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Those applications are considered services so you're going to want to do 2 things. First stop them now, you can use the service command to stop them. Second you're going to want to disable them permanently between reboots.

You can use this command to see all the services available and their state.

% service --status-all
 [ - ]  NetworkManager.dpkg-backup
 [ ? ]  acpi-support
 [ ? ]  acpid
 [ ? ]  alsa-restore
 [ ? ]  alsa-store
 [ ? ]  anacron
 [ + ]  apache2
 [ ? ]  apmd
 [ - ]  apparmor
 [ - ]  bootlogd
 [ - ]  brltty
 [ ? ]  console-setup

Once you've identified which services are running you can use this command to stop them.

% service apache2 stop
% service mysqld stop

Finally to permanently disable these services use one of the forms of the ommand.

  • echo "manual" >> /etc/init/mysql.override
  • update-rc.d apache2 disable
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